Announcement: James Connelly Penny Stock Prophet Review And Walk Through

When I first visited James Connelly’s web site at a few months back, I was quite intrigued by his achievement when he was a young lad in the stock market. Apparently, Connelly has the uncanny ability to pick the stocks right before their trading prices began to rise.

It seems he uses a very simple strategy. He uses a special formula to pick small penny stocks, make a purchase on them, wait a couple of days and then sell them for a handsome profit. By repeating the same process over and over again, James Connelly managed to make a fortune off the stock market. He eventually earned the nickname “The Penny Stock Prophet” due to his remarkable ability to spot and pick penny stocks just days before they were to rise.

How does James Connelly pick the right penny stock time after time? Is he real or is he a scam?

Connelly has recently released a penny stock selection training system on the web called “Penny Stock Prophet”. The training system basically shows you how Connelly picks the stocks which have the highest probability to rise in the very near future. It’s a proven science that involves specific strategy and research that will help you to literally find the “Needle in the penny stock haystack”.

James Connelly Penny Stock Prophet System

What got me really excited is when I saw the proof video on the web site. Connelly actually showed a video recording of a penny stock that he chosen on Sunday May 23rd 2010, The EcoBlue Product Inc. (ECOB.OB) and the last trading price was 24 cents. Check out the YouTube video below.

The video then continues on the second half and Connelly made the video recording on Monday May 24th 2010. EcoBlue Product Inc. is now 39 cents! In a single day, it had almost 63% gain! I was really excited after watching that video.

I kept thinking, how did he do it? What’s his secret?

The goal of James Connelly Penny Stock Prophet is to allow average investors just like you and me access to his secret strategy for investing and make money on penny stocks.

The last time I visited his web site, there was only 21 positions open for his offer. Apparently, Connelly does not keep his course open for long. When it gets filled up, he will close his subscription for a couple of months and depending on his business demand, he may open the Penny Stock Prophet again on a later date.

I was really curious and wanted to know if Connelly strategy really works. I have been trading in penny stocks for the last 17 months and I’ve made some and lost some money. I really wanted to improve my chances of picking the right stock so I’ll have a positive return on my investment.

So what’s my expectation? I don’t expect a 90 or 100 percent improvement on my stock selection odds. If I could improve my odds my 20%, meaning 1 in 5 of my penny stock picks make money, the profit will more than cover the cost for buying Connelly’s Penny Stock Prophet.

There’s always risk when investing in the stock market. Luckily, James Connelly has taken the risk out of his penny stock trading guide. Connelly has included a 60 days money back guarantee on this offer. If for whatever reason you do not see any value in his offer, you can ask for a full refund within 2 months from your purchase date.

James Connelly Secured Payment Page

If you have been investing in penny stocks and you want to improve your chances of picking the stocks that will make money, check out the Penny Stock Prophet by James Connelly before it reaches full capacity. Click on the link below to visit Connelly’s web site now.

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